• Weigh ME In
    A FREE Match Fishing Results Service
    100% FREE to use we do not charge for this service
    You only need a mobile device to record your weights
    Publish your Match Results online instantly
    Available 365 days a year

100% FREE Match Fishing Results Service

The UK's Leading Match Fishing Results Service

Weigh Me in is a FREE Match Fishing Results service. Our system provides you with the tools to weigh your match weights correctly and also upload the results in real time for viewing on our public results pages. All of these Match Results can then be shared on social media. Our Match Fishing Results platform will always be 100% FREE to use and we will never charge match anglers or fisheries to use it.

A complete game changer in the match fishing world

Our unique FREE to use weighing in web app and online results service is a game changer. Simple to use and free to use. What are you waiting for?. Messing around with paper & calculating multiple net weights is a thing of the past.

Use your mobile phone, Ipad or tablet

Our FREE to use weighing in service means there is NO need for manually working weights out. Our service has been designed to work with any mobile device and provides instant and precise results.

Instant Match Fishing Results

As soon as you have weighed in all your anglers you can publish the results online instantly. All results will be held within our results database and can be linked to from your own website or facebook page.
  • "Has to be the easiest way to record our match weights. Does exactly what it says"Fishery owner
  • "Fantastic... and best of all it is Free to use."Tom Macdonald