Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Is it really FREE to use?

    Absolutely designed and developed by a life long fishing fanatic with too much time on his hands!!
  • How does it work?

    Its a very simple when your match anglers turn up for a fishing match just simply record their details into the system either using your mobile phone or even a computer. When the event has finished just make your way around the venue and record all of the net weights. Weigh ME In will automatically calcuate the correct weights and provide your match results.
  • What if I dont have a mobile phone or I have no internet?

    Our system is reliant on having an internet connection. I have not been to many places where there is no internet but we do know that there are some remote places. In this instance you can record your weights in the usual way and as soon as you get back to civilisation you can then add all of your times and publish your results online.
  • Can it be used on large events and multiple lakes?

    Imagine having a large scale fishing match like fishomania or something similar and you want to provide an instant live results service. Our system is perfect for this. You can have your weigh teams recording the net weights as they would normally and they will instantly be viewable online. You can also have multiple weigh teams across multiple lakes all feeding the results into a central resource.
  • Can I have my own branded results pages?

    Absolutely. We have many events that like to have their own branded results pages that they can link to. Should you have a fishery sponsor or even sponsorship from leading tackle suppliers. We can provide a fully branded results page using your own artwork. Please note there is a charge for this as it takes time to create such things

    Visit A Branded Results Page Example

Weigh ME In

Weigh ME In is a free to use Professional Match Fishing weighing in and results platform. We have no fee's whatsoever and anyone who wishes to use our service is free to do so. Tight lines...

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