05/05/2020 | Weekly Open Fishing Match

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Here are the Match Fishing Results for the Weekly Open Fishing Match. You can search and filter results below.

# Name Club Peg Section/Lake Weight
1 Jim Hall Browning Fishing 1 A Section 149lb 0oz
2 Harry Todd 88 A Section 120lb 2oz
3 Ian Sanderson 4 B Section 96lb 4oz
4 Rob Townend 3 A Section 90lb 8oz
5 Mark Henderson 24 A Section 85lb 7oz
6 Bruce Williamson 18 A Section 60lb 13oz
7 Dee Harrison 87 A Section 57lb 11oz
8 Ian Ralph 73 B Section 53lb 0oz
9 Paul Twigg 12 B Section 50lb 7oz
10 Dave Smith 89 A Section 44lb 9oz
11 Bob Jones 59 B Section 43lb 12oz
12 Ian Johnson 57 B Section 42lb 15oz
13 Kevin Wright 68 A Section 42lb 8oz
14 Steve Harper 10 B Section 34lb 11oz
15 Terry Finch 55 A Section 29lb 4oz
16 Gary Jones 47 B Section 28lb 9oz

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